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What is Valir PACE? 

Valir PACE  is an organization serving qualifying seniors with chronic healthcare needs, delivering all needed medical and supportive services.

Senior Care Programs 

We provide comprehensive health care, medication, therapy, transportation, social interaction at the PACE center, hot meals, and even adaptive equipment for their home.

Meet Your Team 

Our participants are enjoying the benefit of PACE’s unique team-based approach to care which results in dramatically reduced hospitalization rates, fall rates, and positive health outcomes.

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Senior Care Services: Taking care of your health

Together with your Valir PACE interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, you can design a care plan unique to your needs and desires to help you maintain an active life and your independence.


Our transport team provides door-to-door service to all medically necessary appointments at no cost. This includes transportation to your specialty doctors’ visits and the Valir PACE day center for medical services.



Let us pick you up for a day at the center where you can enjoy a hot, nutritious meal, socialize with friends, activities, an exercise program, or just relax.

Valir PACE Home Care Team will come to your residence to assist with household responsibilities as well as evaluate if any additional equipment (ramps, shower seats, handrails, etc) are necessary.

Home Care

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