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Valir PACE relies, in part, on the generous giving of our community to serve qualifying seniors with chronic healthcare needs in the greater Oklahoma City area by delivering all needed medical and supportive services; our program provides the entire continuum of care to these individuals, while maintaining their ability to live safely at home. Participants have received free or subsided health care, medication, therapy, transportation, social interaction at the PACE center, hot meals, clothing, and have even received home renovations to provide a safe environment. Once in the program, participants qualify for lifetime care.  

“I was in a bad place when I started. A stroke changes your whole world. PACE actually saved my life. I love this place. I love socializing with people. I love the rehabilitation, because I need that. I like to say that PACE stands for a Professional And Caring Environment.” – Leslie Shaw, Jr., PACE Participant

Les Shaw, PACE Participant completing PACE Your Way to Wellness Progam
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