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PACE Home Care Services

Valir PACE provides at home senior care services in addition to our Adult Day Care services at our center. Our Valir PACE Home Health Team will visit the participant’s home to assist with household tasks such as light housekeeping, bathing assistance, and light meal preparation as needed.


Additionally, we will evaluate your loved one’s residence to determine if we can provide any equipment (ramps, handrails, shower seats, etc.) to make their home safer.


While Medicare doesn’t generally cover in-home assistance for elderly care, the PACE program is the one exception to this stipulation.

At Home Senior Care Services in Oklahoma City

PACE Home Care for Elderly in their Own Homes

Light Housekeeping

Valir’s caring team is happy to take care of light chores around the house that our seniors might struggle with.


We can help with daily tasks such as:


  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Making the bed

  • Cleaning up spills

  • Other light household chores


We can also help organize medications if that’s something the participant needs help with.

Medication Assistance and Management for Seniors

Bathing Assistance

Valir PACE understands that older adults often struggle with bathing tasks, which can make maintaining hygiene difficult, if not impossible.


If this situation sounds familiar, let us help with things like getting in and out of the shower, washing hair, and any other bathing assistance as needed. With our help, your loved one can maintain proper hygiene without losing independence.

Light Meal Preparation

Meal preparation is another household task older adults often have difficulty with, and one we’re ready and willing to make easier.


Our Home Care team is experienced at putting together simple, nutritious meals and snacks to ensure our program participants receive their caloric intake and nutritional needs at home.

Why Senior Home Care Services Are Important

Senior home care services are important for elderly individuals who need assistance with daily activities. These services can help seniors maintain their independence and avoid the need for institutional care, while also providing them with companionship and social interaction. Senior home care services can include assistance with meals, bathing, dressing, and transportation, as well as companionship and emotional support. Senior home care services can also help seniors manage chronic medical conditions, providing them with access to medical care, medications, and physical therapy. Finally, senior home care services can help seniors remain active, helping them stay connected to their communities and the people around them.

Professional Home Care Services for Seniors

If you're looking for home care services, please reach out to us or give us a call at (405) 609-3688. Our friendly team is here to help with your questions. With Valir PACE home care services, your loved one will receive the utmost care, tailored to their individual needs and provided by those who are passionate about what they do.

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