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Hot Meals for Seniors OKC

Meals & Nutritional Services for Older Adults

When your loved one is under our care, they can always count on receiving a tasty, hot meal served in a social setting. But our food services go beyond daily meals, to also include the following nutritional services:


  • Counseling with a Registered Dietitian – Personalized, professional assessment to determine the individual’s unique dietary needs and track nutritional status over time; includes initial and periodic assessments


  • Nutritional education and classes – Education on healthy meal choices to meet nutritional needs and manage weight & chronic diseases; one-on-one and group education sessions


  • Assistance with meal prep – Guidance on meal planning and preparation to assemble time-saving, healthy meals in advance for the entire week, taking into account mobility limitations and/or disability


  • Help with food insecurity – Addressing any caloric deficits and assessing the underlying issue or issues causing the patient to under-eat (such as oral problems, poor appetite, dementia, difficulty getting to the grocery store, etc.)

Meals & Nutritional Services for Older Adults

Nutritional Care

As a result of spending the day at our center, your family member will not only meet daily caloric and nutritional needs, but they will also receive comprehensive nutritional assistance and guidance that will make mealtime and healthy snacking easier when they go home.


Additionally, day center participants will come home with a professional evaluation & recommendations, which your family along with your loved one’s physician can review to address or prevent any nutritional deficits.

Meals & Snacks

At Valir PACE, an adult day care in OKC, we serve our nutritious food in a pleasant social setting, an important factor which has been demonstrated to increase food intake in the elderly. In addition to meals and snacks, we also provide nutritional supplements to participants who have difficulty getting enough calories.


Meals and other nutritional services are delivered according to national PACE guidelines, ensuring a high standard of nutritional care designed to keep older adults thriving. 

Meals-Services-Oklahoma-City-OK.jpgMeals & Snacks

Healthy Meal Prep & Delivery for Seniors

At Valir PACE, we are committed to providing seniors in OKC with nutritious and delicious meals. Our dietary team has developed a menu of tasty and healthy options for our day center attendees. If you have special dietary needs, we can arrange for healthy meals to be delivered to your home throughout the week. We look forward to providing you with the best possible nutrition in a welcoming and friendly environment.

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