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Medical Team

Valir PACE’s in-house medical staff is available to meet participants’ medical needs at all times. Our caring, coordinated team of medical professionals will create a care plan unique to your loved one’s needs, allowing them to maintain an independent, active life.

PCP Onsite

We always have a Primary Care Provider onsite to provide VALIR Pace participants with everything from regularly scheduled physicals, to urgent care needs. Each participant is assigned a Primary Care Provider who manages their case. This means that participants and their families know exactly who to call for both routine visits and any acute healthcare needs.



Valir PACE’s medical team additionally includes Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses who provide round-the-clock care to all program participants. These caring individuals are a key part of our staff, performing both routine and emergency care with compassion whenever needed.

Interdisciplinary Team

In addition to our doctors and nurses, medical care is carried out in conjunction with our other Valir PACE healthcare professionals.

Your Interdisciplinary Care Team Includes:


Together, our healthcare team provides all Valir PACE participants with comprehensive medical services to cover all aspects of their health and wellness.

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