This is why we love what we do…

Brandy Bailey, Executive Director

“There are many things that are special about what we do here at Valir PACE, but above all my favorite is empowerment of our participants. I believe strongly that those that came before us and taught us, deserve our very best in return. At PACE, we work very hard to empower our participants by increasing their independence and empowering them with knowledge to make the very best informed choices for themselves. It is such an honor to support the respect, dignity and autonomy of those that came before me.“

Medical Director:  Dr. Mark Winchester

“I have seen more and more that insured or not, patients cannot afford the cost of medical care.  At Valir PACE we remove obstacles. We make sure that patients get the medicine and the medical care that they need.  If transportation to doctor’s visits is not available, we provide it.  If they cannot afford medicine, we buy it.  We use a team approach to address virtually everything that would keep a person from obtaining the medical care they need.  We work hard to help people regain their health and remain independent.”

Sara Brickey, RN Case Manager 

“I love that at Valir PACE we are able to care for those that have traditionally been unable to receive care in traditional care circles.  This may be for a variety of reasons, whether they do not have the resources needed, means of transportation, or it could be they have to make tough choices that others may not, such as whether to buy food or medication that month.  I have always felt very strongly that all people deserve the same level of care regardless of their circumstances it’s a basic human right.  I really feel that I am making a difference here and I love that!”

Nicole Jones, RN Case Manager 

“In a PACE setting you get the opportunity to partner with your patients through every phase of their health journey.  Being a PACE nurse is a unique experience because you have adapt to each patient needs and make decisions that determine the best outcome for that patient.  I am able to see the outcomes from the long term commitment and partnership I have with my patients and their families.  Best job ever!” 

Rena Kimbro, APRN 

I joined the team at Valir PACE along with the hopes and dreams of a very dedicated group of individuals, who simply felt there was a better, more effective way to deliver health care to the underserved elderly population in our communities.  As I see the difference the team at PACE has made in the health and lives of the wonderful people we serve, I am in awe.  I came because of the hopes and dreams of the team I would be working with I stay because I have witnessed the realization of those hopes and dreams on a daily basis.

Zella Classen, RD 

“I love that the care, tools and education that not only myself, but our team provides to help our participants prolong their independence, but in many cases prevent their conditions from worsening.  So many of the seniors we serve were nutritionally insecure when they first started the program, but with our help they are not only gaining strength, but receiving the nutrients needed to help them lead happier, healthier lives.  So few people in our society, let alone our senior population, have the opportunity to meet and partner with a dietitian on a daily basis, I feel privileged that I am able to provide that much needed assistance to them.”

Christina Tilford, DPT  

 “I enjoy the Valir PACE from the aspect that we truly get to provide preventative care instead of reactive care in order to prolong a senior’s quality of life.  Exercise is so important to an individual’s health and with PACE we are able to give them skilled therapy and a wellness program in order to ensure they are able to live as independently as possible.  The most rewarding thing for me at Valir PACE however, is that as our participants set goals for healthier lifestyles, we are able to celebrate with them as they reach each milestone.”

Annette Locklear, LCSW 

“There's no better feeling than knowing you have helped a participant and that their life will be a little easier because of it.  Working at PACE is a dream come true, because I have always had a love for senior adults.” 

Amanda Nance, LCSW  

"I believe in the concept of an interdisciplinary team model approach in regards to treatment. It allows for us to address the whole person rather than individual aspects of the person.   I believe in the program’s core values as they align well with my social work values and my personal values and beliefs."

Felicia Stephens, Home Health Coordinator 

“At Valir PACE we are one big family, from the participants we serve to those I work with everyday.  I enjoy coming to work actually, but I don't consider it work because it feels like I am coming to visit my family when I come each day.  The participants always greet you with a warm smile or big hug and everyday you get to learn something new about a different participant.  I feel PACE is making a difference in these senior’s lives by give them a safe place to come and meet new friends and learn new ways to provide for themselves so they don't have to ever leave their home.”

Chuti White, Activities Director 

“Working at Valir PACE gives me the chance to make a difference in patient’s lives when it comes to their daily activities. What I enjoy most is the opportunity to gain a new perspective and learn from their point of view and experiences. As an Activity Director I like the challenge of keeping them entertained, engaged and active. I also like figuring out what can be done to improve their quality of life.  I try to be creative in finding the support and services they need from a variety of community sources.”