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Parkinson's Wellness Recovery Program

This is an evidence-based, client-centered treatment program that uses exercise as medicine. Using this framework, Valir’s PWR!Moves, Certified Physical Therapist addresses the key deficits of clients with Parkinson’s to improve balance, movement, cardiovascular stamina and strength to increase independence and reduce falls. PWR!Moves group class instructs in the building blocks of function. This class is designed to teach people how to use high effort, large-amplitude movements and complete muscle activation. The emphasis is on learning how complete whole body movements feel and how to self-monitor everyday function such as:

  • Getting On/Off the Floor

  • Group exercise

  • Rolling or Scooting

  • Getting In/Out of a Car or Chair

  • Walking and Turning

  • Speaking

  • Writing And Buttoning

  • Bed Mobility


All activities require a PWR!Moves foundation of whole-body movements with high effort and attention to tasks. Warm-ups and cool-downs emphasize activation of movement for:

  • Axial Mobility

  • Range Of Motion

  • Balance and Posture

Classes are offered every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 p.m., located on the second-floor therapy gym of Valir PACE. 

$15 per class; or five classes for $25.


Call 405.603.3688 or email

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