Valir Pace Recieves Masks

While the state continues to loosen restrictions, it’s still a good idea to hold on tight to your mask, and the Vietnamese Women’s Group of Oklahoma has been making sure patients and health care workers have plenty of them.

“It’s pretty busy, everyday is different," said Kevin Morefield, the Valir PACE Community Outreach Director.

Such is life now in the health care business. Valir PACE is a nonprofit that serves seniors with chronic health care needs.

They got a big boost from the Vietnamese Women’s Group of Oklahoma. The group dropped off 400 homemade masks for the organization’s participants and employees.

“(It) makes us so happy, we feel proud that we contribute something, helping the whole nation," said Mary Barton of the Vietnamese Women’s Group of Oklahoma.

It is literally the nation. The group has made more than 5,000 masks since they started in mid-March, going not just to Oklahoma, but to New York to Alaska.

For many days, they worked for 10 hours.

“We all together here, in this fight," said Barton.

A fight that Valir PACE employees are now better equipped to win.

“They want to make sure out participants feel safe when they’re arriving in their homes with the proper PPE on as we take care of them on a daily basis," Morefield said.

Valir PACE wants to encourage people to donate PPE, food, and even things like puzzles and games for their elderly participants who are home-bound.

Watch the full video here.

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