Valir Pace Helping Seniors By Making House Calls

Valir Pace is a facility working to help people stay out of a nursing home and live a healthy life, but during the pandemic, the facility has had to shut down.

That did not stop Valir Pace from coming up with a new plan.

"But over the past six months, we basically have had to uproot all of our services and treat all of our participants in their home," said Kevin Morefield, Valir Pace's community development director.

Valir Pace is a nonprofit organization helping the geriatric age group with healthcare needs.

"As my boys would tell you, I am the original self-isolator," said Susan Cote.

Susan Cote is a 73-year-old patient receiving the new assistance all from her own home's comfort.

"I get my blood work done here, PT comes out, if they are trying to get anything to me, they bring it out. I have a home health aid. Everything is really nice. They deliver food; they deliver drinks for me," said Cote.

The facility said they help nearly 300 patients across central Oklahoma.

"Sometimes, I am in Warr Acres, or sometimes we will go to Norman, Noble, so it is a lot," said Amanda Fish, a caregiver.

While they are helping people in all aspects of life, they focus on the senior's mental health.

"A lot of from a mental health perspective, a lot of people have been home for six months and can't go anywhere. We have council sessions that can help them out as well," said Morefield.

Valir Pace plans to continue helping their patients at their homes until its safe to return to their center.

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