Oklahoma doctor provides 'two for one' rapid testing for COVID-19, flu


Medical experts believe COVID-19 will be around for quite some time, if not years to come. Health professionals are coming up with ways to fill the gaps in areas where testing is most needed, providing rapid test results.

We spoke to a local doctor who is now providing “two for one” testing.

By now we're used to seeing COVID-19 testing. Even with COVID-19 cases going down in Oklahoma, there are people still dying from the disease.

“We're still on a pandemic. We're still going to see periods of time we're going to see increased numbers and so testing is going to remain vital,” said Dr. David Rothwell, Chief Medical Officer at Valir Health.

Rothwell said with COVID-19 and influenza symptoms mirroring one another, they are offering a two-for-one testing.

“The machine that we use is called the Sofia," Rothwell said. “The test is a combination test and test not only for COVID-19 infection but also test for both types of influenza or flu A and flu B.”

It's a rapid, one swab of the nose on one side. The results came back in 15 minutes, quicker than PCR testing.

“Now we can do one swab on one side of the nose, and have test results for all three within 15 minutes,” Rothwell said.

If you can’t get to the test, health professionals can bring the test to you. Rothwell said the test is free for those 65 and over.

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