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Social Services for the Elderly in OKC

At Valir PACE, we have a team of licensed clinical social workers who provide case management and coordinated social work assistance. Our social workers are available to assist program participants in many different ways, from counseling, creation of end-of-life documents, coordination between service providers, and other helpful services.

How Can a Social Worker Help You or Your Elderly Loved One?

Group and Individual Counseling


Depression is the most common mental health problem among seniors, affecting 1 in 10

older Americans aged 65 and older. Our social workers at Valir PACE provide counseling

on both a group and individual basis, helping our participants deal with depression as well as other mental and emotional concerns that could be affecting the participant’s quality of life.


In many cases, simply having an outlet to talk and a listening ear can significantly improve your loved one’s mood and outlook. In addition to counseling, social workers can also help connect participants with other local mental health resources, if needed.

Help Creating Legal Documents

Documents and paperwork can be a source of frustration for seniors, especially those who have issues with memory, vision, or manual dexterity.


Our social workers are available to help your loved one prepare legal documents such as a living will, power of attorney, and others. Our social workers serve as a free alternative to hiring an expensive lawyer for such tasks.

Other Social Work Assistance

Our PACE social workers assist program participants in many other areas of their case

management, including the following:


  • Coordinating community resources such as those for food, housing, and transport

  • Liaison for communication if there is a need for a hospital discharge

  • Liaison to skilled nursing facilities if needed

  • Communicating with family members

  • Helping navigate social security & supplemental security income, disability, and Medi-Care


Our social workers are amazing resources for almost any need our participants might have, and our team individually gets to know each patient on a personal level. 

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