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Transportation for Valir Pace Participants in the OKC Area

PACE Transportation for Seniors in Oklahoma City

Getting around can be a challenge for senior citizens with mobility issues. That’s why we provide free door-to-door transportation to Valir PACE participants in OKC to and from the Adult Day Center, all medically necessary appointments, and any scheduled outings and activities.

Transportation Services for Seniors in OKC

Common Transportation Options

Many OKC seniors have ongoing physical health issues for which frequent doctors’ appointments are often necessary, and getting out of the home for socialization is vital to the mental and emotional well-being of seniors. However, transportation for these purposes is often a challenge for seniors whose physical limitations prevent driving.

The most common transportation options for seniors who don’t drive are public transportation, taxis, or shared ride services such as Uber or Lyft. Public transportation is typically the most affordable paid option. However, getting onto a bus may not be a feasible option for those with disabilities especially when there is no bus stop close to home or near their destination.

Taxis and shared-ride services can be an option for some seniors, but those on a fixed or limited income may find them cost-prohibitive. Also, those with physical limitations often aren’t able to find vehicles that are wheelchair accessible or the drivers are not able or willing to help with loading and unloading.

Thanks to Medicare-covered PACE transportation services, our participants can get to all of their medical appointments free of charge without having to drive or coordinate their transportation.  Our staff handles all transportation planning and scheduling.

Rides for Seniors in OKC to Medical Appointments

Transportation to PACE Wellness Center

Whenever needed, Valir PACE program participants can be picked up and returned home by one of our friendly and helpful drivers to receive medical services at Valir PACE Wellness Center in Oklahoma City.


We offer professional transportation that is designed for OKC seniors who need an easy way to get to Valir PACE Wellness Center.

Unlike public transportation and taxis, our medical transport vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs and personal medical equipment, if necessary.

Transportation for Seniors to All Medical Appointments


Seniors often need to visit multiple medical providers to manage chronic health issues and manage their medications. Getting to all those appointments in OKC can be expensive and impossible for seniors who can’t drive or can’t use public transportation.

In addition to providing transportation for Oklahoma seniors to the Valir PACE Wellness Center, our medical transport vehicles provide free OKC transportation to all medical and healthcare appointments, including primary care visits, specialist appointments, cancer and dialysis treatments, and routine dental visits.

Our PACE transport team is always available to transport program participants to and from all their health care appointments in our medical transport vehicles.

Transportation During COVID-19


During COVID-19, transportation for seniors in Oklahoma City became a matter of life and death. Even seniors who use public transportation to get to and from medical appointments might not feel comfortable or safe using it in the middle of a global pandemic.

The PACE transport team stepped up to provide safe, sanitary OKC transportation for seniors. Our medical transport vehicles are cleaned according to CDC guidelines, and our drivers wear masks per the recommendation of public health officials. The safety of the seniors we transport is our top priority.



Any Valir PACE program participant who needs free transportation to a medical appointment or treatment in Oklahoma City can count on PACE to get them where they need to go safely.

Contact Us Today


If our transportation services sound like they can help you or someone you know, please call us today to schedule a tour.​

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