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Home Care Coordinator

I love being Home Care Coordinator at"

!Valir Pace
I love it because not only can I deliver the best care I make sure that our HHA's and CNA's are delivering the best care as well. Here we are a team and my team rocks! Together we make our participants happy and that makes it a "happy place to work."

Taja Gilstrap,

Activities Director

"What I love about my job is....
I feel that I am supported in any decisions that I make and that my co-workers genuinely care about my well-being, personally,and professionally. Everyone is very supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish our goals.Pace is my second home and family.The staff that I work with have been phenomenal.I am grateful to be apart of a wonderful company like Valir PACE."

Christina Tilford,

Physical Therapy Director

"I enjoy the Valir PACE from the aspect that we truly get to provide preventative care instead of reactive care in order to prolong a senior’s quality of life.  Exercise is so important to an individual’s health and with PACE we are able to give them skilled therapy and a wellness program in order to ensure they are able to live as independently as possible.  The most rewarding thing for me at Valir PACE however, is that as our participants set goals for healthier lifestyles, we are able to celebrate with them as they reach each milestone."

Tiffany Dyer,

Director of Quality Improvement and Compliance

Getting to work with a team and" organization that focuses on what is best for the participant is a blessing and honor. I love that we can pull together and take care of our participants no matter what the challenge is. We make a difference in people’s lives and we get to witness that "on a daily basis.

Brandy Bailey, MA,

Senior Vice President of Home and Community Based Services

"I love working for Valir PACE because every day I know that I made a meaningful difference in someone’s life. A life lived in the service of others is a life well spent. At Valir PACE, we spend our lives very well in the service of God, our participants, our community, and our team. I cannot imagine doing anything else!"

Zella Classen MA RD/LD,

Director of Food and Nutrition Services 

"I take pride in working for Valir PACE. PACE is the Gold Standard of healthcare, and I love being part of a team that truly cares for each and every participant we have. We are able to make a difference in our participant’s lives. Valir cares for their employees; I recently received a birthday card in the mail from Valir and I thought ‘Wow, I don’t know another company that does that.’ It is nice knowing how much they value their employees."

Kirsten Paschal-Wilson OTR/L

"I love working at Valir PACE.  The team that I work with is incredible.  Each employee treats every participant as if they were their own family.  Every discipline provides thorough care to the participants, and we have great communication between disciplines for continuity of care.  I love that the treatment environment is varying depending on if I am in the home or at PACE.  There is always a variety to where and what type of care I provide, and it makes the job very exciting."

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