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Senior Wellness Center

Valir PACE is a senior wellness center in OKC that can serve as an alternative to assisted living or nursing home care. With Valir PACE’s daily activities, hot meals, and in-house medical staff, participants’ social, nutritional, and health needs are all addressed in a pleasant daytime environment. Your loved one can maintain an active, independent life, thanks to daily visits to our center.

Nursing Home Alternative

For many seniors who want to remain living in their home, Valir PACE provides a viable alternative to assisted living or nursing home care. Depending on the level of care your loved one needs, a daytime program such as the one offered by Valir PACE can help keep them active during the day, but able to return home every night. Transportation is provided, so all that’s needed is their presence!

Activities & Socialization

Boredom and loneliness are major reasons why many older adults, though healthy, decide to move out of their homes and into senior living. What if there was an alternative that provides daily activities, socialization, and routine, without the need to move?


Whether your loved one enjoys card games, board games, knitting, bingo, movies, or just socializing with friends, Valir PACE provides them the opportunity to do just that. They can see what’s ahead in the weekly schedule, giving them an enjoyable routine and a sense of belonging to part of a group where they play an active role.

Hot Meals & Snacks

Access to regular meals is another reason many families decide assisted living is right for their loved one. This is especially the case when someone is dealing with memory problems or physical weakness. Daily meal preparation can also feel like too much of a chore for someone who has lost a spouse.


At Valir PACE, we take care of the cooking and cleanup so your loved one doesn’t have to. Daily hot meals and snacks provide nutrition and comfort, so our Valir PACE participants can use their energy for activities they enjoy.


Additionally, we have a dietitian on-site who evaluates each participant’s nutritional needs with a personalized plan to address any deficits in terms of nutrition or calories.

Medical Care

Medical care provided at the Valir PACE wellness center includes primary care, physical therapy, mental healthcare, and medication management, as well as access to emergency or urgent care as needed. For many of our seniors, daily medication management and physical therapy are of special importance in maintaining overall health and wellness.


We also help your loved one with any medical device needs and safety/accessibility needs at home so they can be safer when they leave our center

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